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Private initiative

www.igeta.com is a very interactive website and apps (IOS and Adroid) developed specially for Additional Mathematics students who are taking Malaysia national exam (SPM).

You will have the opportunity to learn related Ad-Math subject anywhere, any time in your own pace by utilizing the interactive website and apps.

You will also be able to avoid the issue of missing classes or tutorials base on personal issue since you have total control on the tutorial class and content. The tutorial video can be fast or slower base on your own pace of video playback. You can go though the video tutorial as many time as you like*

If you have any doubt or enquiry on the tutorial class subject, our (discussion room) forum is always there to help you to solve the Additional Mathematics questions that you cannot solve or need guidance to solve it.


Our Objective And Aim?

We provide ample of exercise together with its step-by-step solutions for your better understanding. In these practices you will get lots of past year questions, state questions, HOTS questions and many more. With these practices, you can proudly say, “I GET A” in Additional Mathematics to your parents and teachers!

Why We Choose Additional Mathematics?

According to our survey, Additional Mathematics is a killer subject for SPM students who are taking this subject. Thus, our co-founder, Madam Chiew has created many short cut and many techniques of answering and remembering the step-by-step easily.

Igeta is a famous technique created by Madam Chiew for Form 4 Chapter 9-Diffferentation (one of the most difficult topics). With this technique, her students felt that Differentiation is the easiest topic in Form 4.

Sign up now to learn more technique, which will make you, feel additional Mathematics is no longer a difficult and tough subject but it will be a simple and easy subject!

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